Monday, January 31, 2011

Christian's Birthday is in 10 days!

Well our baby boy is turning 7 years old in just 10 days and as usual I was in a scramble to plan his party. Ugh, what to do, where to go, who to invite???  Something about entertaining a bunch of people I don't know just wasn't appealing to us.  Of course we have friends and they would come but they have children younger than Christian so we would need to invite his friends from school and sports.  Parties are always so stressful and tiresome.  And then there is the thought of bringing MORE toys! He does not need any more toys and boy where would I put them? Last Friday, I took 3 hours out of the day to reorganize the playroom where I took out all of the toys that they have outgrown.  Christian's teacher asked for small toys that she could use as prizes in class so I took out everything that I could find that she could use.  Granted some of those toys will make it back into my house but I sent a large bag filled with at least 50 toys so at least I will have rid our house of most of them.

So, yesterday Christian asked for a t.v. that he can watch in his room during the allotted time we give him per day. Normally he only gets 1 hour (after school and before dinner) while I prepare dinner each day.  But he has to take turns picking what to watch with Mia.  Well Christian is not at all interested in watching what his sister wants to watch. Understandable.  So after discussing this with him we decided that instead of throwing a birthday party we would ask for money in lieu of toys.  And he loved the idea! So if you are planning on sending him a gift please consider sending him money to go towards his new t.v. please :)

So now we are completely guilt free about not throwing a birthday party and he really wants what he will be getting. Win! Win! Of course we will be taking cupcakes and pizza to his classroom and he can pick anything he wants for dinner that night and we can still celebrate with him!

So here are some recent pictures

We've been having AT LEAST one Snow Day a week where they have no school.  So these end up being jammy days! Here are some pics from last week! And it looks like we will have another tomorrow.

Oh so messy and ready for her nap

Birthday Boy! 

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  1. That sounds like a good plan. I will send some money up for his TV. As soon as I can get out of my igloo! It is freezing here! Work was closed down for 2 days. I didn't leave the apartment! And the Super Bowl is in 2 days and everyone is freezing a slipping around! Jerry Jones is probably having a fit! But you can't control the weather...only God can! Anyway, I will get it out in the mail soon. Did you visit with Nick?