Friday, January 14, 2011


Well the Lafferty household has been filled with illness for the better part of two months now. It has been quite tiresome and boy is it difficult staying indoors everyday.  Earlier this week I decided I would continue to keep the kids away from other children as much as possible to help reduce contact and hopefully limit the amount of germs they are exposed too.  While I know this is not necessarily a 100% guarantee I feel as though it's at least worth a try.  Why such extremes? Well as I said, at least one person has been sick every day for TWO MONTHS!  Our poor babies have been fighting this with tons of tears.  And while I do feel that this all helps to build their little immune systems it is so tough to see them suffering.  So for this reason I am giving this a try for the entire month of January.  I can only hope that this helps.  For the first time this week, all three children have been well! No fever, no earache, no coughing and just happy!  But of course, I (Libby) got the worst head cold I think I have ever had!  It took me completely down for two whole days!  Shawn had to miss work both days to take care of the kids as I couldn't even get out of bed.  I hated him having to miss so much but I truly had no choice.  This morning I woke up feeling terrible thinking how am I going to do this? But my wonderful Shawn went in to work late to help me get Christian to school and promptly brought me pain meds to help me get a hold of the pain.  Once those worked through my system I was much better and able to handle the girls.  We have lots of great stuff planned for this weekend so I MUST get better!

So while I tried very hard to stay away from the kids it was very difficult! My girls took every opportunity to sneak upstairs to see me and boy did I love it.  I really hope they didn't catch any of this nasty cold but it was so nice having them in the bed with me.  I felt so blessed that they would rather lay in bed with me than to be playing with all of their toys.  Mia and I would play with her dolls or her new game Zingo, while Gabriella just liked to snuggle or unravel my yarn.  Try having two cute little monkeys snuggling with you and not kissing them a hundred times! It was so difficult! Christian too would come up just to give me a hug and tell me he loved me. Such perfect kids!

Yesterday, Christian got into his first altercation with another boy when they got off the bus.  I am usually outside waiting for him when he gets off but since I was ill this was not the case.  Shawn was home but had decided to get a quick shower in before Christian got home.  Well two of the mother's at the bus stop came and explained to me that they saw an older boy (8 yrs old) push and kick Christian then proceed to throw his lunch box down the street.  Ughhh!  Well thankfully Shawn was home and was able to go speak to the boys father.  All was taken care of and hopefully the boys are able to either stay away from each other or get along.  This morning Christian did not want to go to school so Shawn offered to drive him there.  But he still has to ride the bus home so I will be there to greet him when he gets off.  He seemed to feel better with going to school now.  Hopefully he has a good day despite being somewhat afraid of going on the bus.

So that is about it for the week! I leave you now with some not so great pictures I was able to take of my girls as they lay in bed taking care of mommy!


  1. Tell Christian how much Grandma Dee thinks he is such a big boy! It just saddened my heart to know that other boys were picking on him...I hope it doesn't happen anymore.
    I hope you are feeling a little better! It is cold and drizzly here...not any sunshine!!!
    How are my cute little girls??? Hi Mia! Hi Gabriella! Grandma loves you!
    Hopefully will be able to fly out and see you all in spring...blossoms time?
    Libby, I went on ravelry and it is a cool site.
    I think after baby gets here, I will get out the old hook and start something! I need to practice though...
    Well, we are going to do a little shopping today, maybe a movie after worship service.
    Hope you all have a great day and stay well!
    Love Mama Dee/Grandma Dee

  2. This my second attempt at making a comment! I need computer help!
    First, Christian! You are such a big boy and Grandma Dee is proud of you! It saddens my heart that those boys picked on Christian. I hope that never happens again.
    And to my little granddaughters! Hi Mia! Hi Gabriella! Grandma Dee sends you big hugs and kisses!
    Libby, hope you are feeling a little better by now
    I did get on ravelry and looked at patterns. I hope to dig out the old crochet hook soon!
    Shawn you are a good daddy and husband!
    Love to you all...hoping to be there to see the spring blossoms!
    Mama Dee/Grandma Dee