Friday, January 21, 2011

Spoiled Rotten!

Who may you ask is spoiled rotten?  Well that would be ME (Libby)!  I should really think hard about what I voice to Shawn when I want something because I am sure to get it.  For several months I kept asking for the new EVO phone because I kept seeing how much better it was than my Blackberrry.  And so of course he bought it for me as a Christmas gift.  Wow, that really made me happy and it has made things so much easier! I really had no idea a phone could really make life easier but this phone does it all!  Ok, maybe not all but it sure does a lot!

So one of my goals for this year is to get a lot more sewing done as I truly love doing it.  And of course, I started wishing for a serger!  So while looking for these (they are not cheap) I told Shawn that I wanted one for Valentine's Day/Anniversary/Birthday/Mother's Day and whatever holiday warranted a gift! Then I found one with great reviews on Amazon and less than half the cost of the one I originally wanted.  It is a beginner machine that doesn't do everything of course but would definitely work for me.  On Saturday, I took Shawn to the fabric store with me and showed him the machines and what they could do so that he would understand why I wanted this machine.  I don't know why I did this, maybe just to try to explain/justify why I wanted to take more money and dump it into another one of my crafts. LOL!  Well by Wednesday my new serger was delivered to the door!  I couldn't believe it! How lucky am I???  I went straight to the fabric store to purchase thread for the machine and got started on my first project.  This serger is awesome and allowed me to cut out steps that the sewing machine would need and cut my sewing time by half!

Ok, so enough gushing about my new toys but now want to reflect on the amazing gifts that God has given me.  After so many years of such heartache he blessed me with this AMAZING human being.  Someone who loves me so much that I truly feel it!  I even see it when he looks at me.  How does one get so lucky?  Not just because he buys me things but because he takes such good care of me.  He's not perfect and you have all heard my complaints about how I often feel like I have 5 children instead of 4 but really none of that matters when I think of everything great in my life because of him.  And I haven't even mentioned how great he is as a father! But you all already know all about that!  Wow....all I can say is WOW! We are truly blessed!

So you will be seeing lots of pics of my newly finished serged projects in the near future so stay tuned!  For now we will be getting ready for the big BEARS game on Sunday and will all be in our Bears gear so check back for a picture of us!  Oh how I hope they win cause Shawn will be really upset if they don't and this will be a sad household too.

Well until next time!


Here are some pictures from this week

Tea time under the dining room table

Gabriella on top of the table (her favorite place to be) 

And an older pic of the kids during a pajama jam session

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  1. You are spoiled!!! not so rotten though;-). We realllllllly want that phone too. I've never wanted any others before and have been perfectly happy with my "free" with the plan phone. But that phone is SUPER COOL! However, that phone X 2 is not an affordable option right now. :-( Have fun with it though bc everyone who has it loves it!. We are lucky gals though to have our good men! Kissed alot of frogs to get them LOL! -XOXOX Angel