Thursday, January 27, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Well as the title states we have been very busy around here.  Just wanted to quickly update with some cute pics.  Enjoy!

Cheering on the Bears! 

Isn't she cute?

Icy morning

The kids and I loved how the trees looked

I did lots of sewing with my new serger but will post pics next week.  In the meantime here is what the kids helped me work on for Valentine's Day. We made a TON of paper roses and glued them onto styrofoam. We had a great time with these for about 15 minutes and then they got bored and left the rest for me to do. This was really easy yet time consuming but no big deal since I just worked on them while watching t.v.  

And a little close up for fun! 


  1. Love the flowers! And man does it look cold up there! We are having such nice weather here right now! Kinda like spring...sorry!
    I tried calling you this morning. Got the package today so will bring it to shower on Saturday.
    Love to all of you!

  2. Wow...the Flowers looks good! Doesn't even look like paper in the pics. The kids look so cute in their BEARS gear. We have been having some sunny days here but still cool weather. It's been nice! Those gloomy days get old real quick huh! Have fun in the snow though! -Angel-