Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year!

Well it's been a busy year but we are going to try this again! Times just get so crazy and sometimes the wonderful administrators on Blogspot like to change things around and make things a bit more difficult for this Mama! So time is short and precious but we will try this again! Here are some wonderful pics from our holiday at home in Virginia and in Texas! Enjoy!

Christmas at home amiss the chaos of packing for our departure the next day! Please excuse the (clean) laundry spread all over the couch.

Gabriella likes to close her eyes and sway when she hears music 

In their new princess dresses

Christmas at Nick & Crystal's in Dallas

One of my Christmas gifts was this pink apron and Gabriella loved it so much she asked me to put it on her. She has worn it several times since we've been home! 

Mia and Sophia

Christian and Sam

Christian and Spartacus 

Christmas at Javier & Angel's

 Our Family
 Getting the girls to sit still for pictures is one of the hardest things we can try to do! 

Our kids 


More Kisses!

Shawn loves a good t-shirt

Alex opening up his Christmas gift from us. Christian helped to paint this so he was anxious to see his brother open it! 

Dressed up for Christian too!

At my Dad's house

Morning Hugs and Playtime with Big Brother

Alex, Mia and my Grandmother 

My Inspiration to be the best mother I can be