Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Easter Pics....Very Late I know!

Just wanted to post a few pictures from Easter. I know it was quite a while ago but we've been pretty busy here in the Lafferty household with family visiting and lots of projects!  We got to spend the day with some wonderful friends of ours and the day was just perfect!

 Gotta love that little frown!

 He is so photogenic!
 Couldn't get a good pic cause Gabriella wouldn't stay out of the candy!

 Already has candy in his mouth

If you've been to our home you've seen this wonderful piece of furniture we have the kids t.v. on.  It was given to us by Gma and Gpa Juliusson and has been in the family for many years. I've always loved it but it needed some sprucing up.  Shawn wrote the kids names on it when we moved to this house cause he knew we would be painting it.  It took a whole year but we finally got it done.  First we tried to stain it but it just didn't look good.  So then we decided to paint it to match the play room and now it's perfect!

 Now it matches the decor perfectly and I love the vintage feel to it. 

Come back tomorrow as I have more fun stuff for you to see!
Like what I did with these ugly lights! YUCKY BRASS!


  1. WHERE IS THE PIC OF SHAWN's BALD HEAD? I want to see! Ok, moving on...

    Their dresses were so cute. I miss Haley being little cause I could dress her how I wanted. Now, I have given up that she will be putting on a dress or skirt. I have to pick my battles and that is not one that is worth it. Although, it could be a form of punishment. LOL!

    Christian is very photogenic, he is so handsome!

  2. Check back in a day or two and you'll see some pics!

  3. Add J.R.'s email to your blog so he can see please. This was per his request.

  4. Cute, cute and even more cute!! What a ball of cutiness your kids are!! :-)

    Love ya, Angel

  5. Sorry Priscilla but I can only have 10 and that has been reached. Just tell him to put us in his favorites on his new laptop :)