Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just a quick hello and some pics

We have been working away at the usual stuff but wanted to stop by with a few pictures.  We wish everyone a Very Happy Easter.  And although we can't be with you all we pray that your are able to be with loved ones and enjoy the true blessings of what this holiday means.  We will be spending the day with friends here at home and pictures will sure follow after.  Love to All!

A picture of our Spring/Easter Mantel
Paper rose ball was the one I made for Valentine's Day

The wreath the kids and I made out of Lima beans and spray paint.  Not my idea but can't remember where I found it.

A favorite Goodwill find - 2 vintage bottles in green and yellow for $1 each.  And a candle I wrapped in fabric.

A few dresses I made using some scrap fabric and T-shirts

On Gabriella's I added a little stenciling in fabric paint that says "All Natural" for fun

Here is Mia's dress that is almost like Gabriella's only I tried shirring for the first time on the top and then made it into a halter top.  She completely dressed herself this day for school.  I love how she paired her pretty dress with sparkly tennis shoes. This really fits her personality! A girly girl who's not afraid to get dirty and enjoy the outdoors!

I have had this bookshelf since Alex was about 5 years old (he is 19 yrs old now) and I purchased it super cheap from my Aunt Ida (it was my cousin Melody's).  It has held strong and is sturdy but it was looking a bit tired so it was time give it a little sprucing up. 

So a few contact paper rolls from the dollar bins at Michael's

and a few hours later I had this

I also found this large cork board at a garage sale a few weeks ago.  I'd been wanting to display the kids artwork in the playroom without having to poke a ton of holes in the wall.  I didn't want to spend the $20 it cost for these and was so happy when I found this for $3! I covered it in the same contact paper to match the bookshelf and now it is perfect!  And look at the beautiful artwork that Christian has made (2 large ones on top) at school.  The detail is incredible! The one on the right is a sunflower and the one on the right he says is the Japanese Foot Bridge.  I think I may have a little Picaso in my house!  The bottom two are Mia's and she loves to do handprints. 

While I was covering the bookshelf my two little Picaso's (Mia and Gabriella) were busy doing their own artwork....

ON MY WALLS!!!!!!!!

Lastly, here the kids are with daddy playing some baseball on a really nice day.  Gabriella has a habit of taking her pants off so that is why she is just in her cloth diaper.

Gabriella took off running all the way down the neighbor's yard so they all had to run after her.

It get's awefully lonely here with no comments :(  We love to hear from you all!

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  1. Mantle looks good sis! I love Christian's pic he drew of the flower...so good!! Good job on the projects. We will be missing you all for too!! Love, Angel