Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Making Memories Every Day

Well Shawn finally took the plunge and shaved his head.  It took me a couple of days to get used to it but I honestly don't notice anymore.  He's my wonderfully handsome husband as usual!

We were blessed to have our grandparents from Texas visit us for a whole week. We look forward to their visits because they are always such a joy to be around.  They remind us of where we want to be as a couple in the next 50 years.  The kids love having them here too.  It's tough when it's time for them to leave because they spend such quality time with the kids that we really feel an emptiness when they leave. 

Our very first ride on the Metro in downtown D.C. - Christian was so excited and loved every minute of it.

One of the things I really wanted to do was a little sewing with Grandma and she was happy to oblige.  We went to the fabric store, picked out a pattern and fabric.  Then the next day we sewed 4 pair of knit shorts for the girls.  The pattern wasn't the best so it took some tweaking but we finally got it done.  While it did take a while I had such a great time just chatting and listening to her wonderful sewing tips.  A memory which I will truly cherish forever.  I don't have a picture of the shorts because honestly the girls started wearing them right away and I never got to take a picture.  Since the girls are napping right now I will have to get a picture of them later.
Celebrating Shawn's Birthday!

Gabriella still likes taking her pants off and now the diaper comes off too! Believe me we have walked into some terrible messes in her crib

They are so goofy but I love this picture because it shows how much they really connect with each other. 

They are so much fun!

Mia has a boo boo and is very upset

Ahhh Grandpa made it all better

And now Gabriella wants a kiss too

Kisses all around for everyone!

Helping Gabriella up after a fall

And remember this?

After a good cleaning, dismantling, and spray paint

Here they are right back up on the front of the house

Here are two of them on my porch along with the spring wreath I made last week.  The other two lights are on each side of the garage.  These lights run about $30 each brand new but I was able to give them a whole new look for only $10 for all 4!

I'm not done spray painting yet!  Here is another brass chandelier that needs an update.  We are not doing black this time though.  Check back soon to see how we update this!

And can't wait to show you what I did with some old cereal boxes and some fabric that I had on hand. 

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  1. Love the hair Shawn!!!!

    Haley thinks that Christian has gotten so big. She really misses them.

    I love the pictures with Shawn and his Grandpa... that definitely captured the moment along with the one that included his grandma.

  2. Great pics! You can tell ya'll were having such a good time. Wow a bald headed Shawn kinda reminded me of "Powder" the guy/movie. LOL!! J/k ....well kinda. HA!Ha! Javi and Julio just saw the pic and they cracked up :-)
    Love, Angel

  3. Great updates Libby! Love the spray painted lights. They really look great. I think I would have just bought new, not thinking to just give them a makeover! You go girl! All the pics are so cute of the kids and it looks like you guys had fun with the granparents =) Miss you guys!