Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Whole Lot of Wax

We had a great time over the weekend going to Madame Tussauds's Wax Museum in D.C.  We went with some friends and truly had a great time.  Christian loved posing with all of the wax figures and came up with each pose on his own!  There are lots of pictures that I just can't resist posting so get ready for major pic overload!  After the wax museum we went to eat at Hard Rock Cafe where Shawn was very happy to see a very unique piece (pic below).  Afterwards we went on over to visit the Ford Theatre so that Christian could once again see this historic site since he just learned about Lincoln in school.   Here are some pics of our day. 

This was so funny!

Chillin' with the Obama's

Practicing for his presidency some day

Getting a wax mold of his hand

 Something about those arms!
 So silly

 Boy he moves on fast!
 Ok, maybe I do too ;)
 The best $100 bill I've ever seen!

So I am still working on my 30 day organizational challenge and have managed to clean and organize lots of crowded spaces throughout the house.  We have since worked on the entire kitchen including pantry, refridgerator and all of the cabinets.  Feels really good to be rid of some of the items we just weren't using!

Crafting has also been high on my priority list as Valentine's Day is over and February comes to an end it's time to start thinking about Easter!  This house needs some spring colors and I can't wait to put some in! But first I must make my girls some cute spring clothing. 

I posted last week an unused (headed for garage sale) men's work shirt that was destined for something better.  So here it is  

From this! 

I even made her a hair clip to match! And I found a new love for fabric covered buttons which I used for both the hair clip and decorative button on the dress! Oh I can do soooo much with all of the scraps of fabric I have.  I always save them and now have some great things I can do with them too. I can't take credit for thinking up this dress on my own though.   I got the idea from another blogger here and loved how it turned out.  Something about repurposing what we already have just makes me incredibly happy!

With thats said, I am having some serious issues with not being able to throw ANYTHING away! I have a major collection of cardboard boxes, clothes, plastics from fruit and toys, jars, ribbons and whatever else I might be able to reuse.  On the one hand I am becoming a bit of a hoarder but on the other.....well, I am recycling which is better for the environment right?  And thankfully I have the room to store it which will end when we move again. So for now I am going to enjoy being able to craft while also doing my part to recycle! Good excuse right?

Here is what Shawn was very happy to find at Hard Rock Cafe in D.C.  It is the original jacket Michael Jackson used in his Thriller video. 

Yes! He was in heaven!!!

This piece of fabric below is a very large piece that a friend of mine Kelly M. gave to our crafting group.  She was given lots of fabric from a relative for free.  While looking for fabric for something else I saw this piece and was very happy especially with spring on my mind.  So tune in this weekend to see it's transformation.

Again feeling a little lonely here and would love to see some comments.  Otherwise I just feel I am talking and no one is listening :( 


  1. Hi Libby...Cute dress..I have made the same one for my has since gone on to someone else, but I'm in the process of making her a couple more...Great blog BTW.


  2. I've always wanted to go to the Wax Museum!!! It looks like so much fun! Christian is such a character, he always use to make us laugh. Man since your Crafty, so good! Don't worry too much about being a bit of a hoarder just designate a space for it all. Make a rule that if you exceed that space then its time to get rid of some stuff and out with old and in with the new. XOXO - Angel

  3. Love all the pics! Good job on the dress. I have to agree with Angel. I am sure u will know when u have to much . Lol.