Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day, Crafts and Plumbing

We had a lot going on this week and were able to capture pictures of most.  I am realizing that remembering to take pics is not so easy.  And then uploading and posting here is even tougher!  But I do like being able to document what we are doing nicely.  It's one of those things that has always been on my to do list but rarely gets done.  I hope you all enjoy!

Valentine's Day Fun

 A friend of mine crocheted the purple hearts and then I made the hair clips for the girls in Mia's preschool class.  We added them to the treat bags on Valentine's Day

Treat bags (I made a total of 32 of these)

 Peaceful Mia sleeping and as you know it is rare that she falls asleep anywhere other than her bed.  So capturing this moment was nice. 

Our kitchen faucet started to leak and Shawn tried to fix it.  Here are his little helpers. 

The faucet when Shawn realized he couldn't fix it...he broke it even more. It was quite funny!
 And finally...hours later! The faucet is replaced.

Remember last time I posted an old ugly binder.  Well here it is now!  I used mod podge and scrapbook paper to make it nice and pretty.  It is now our Family Management Binder where I keep all of my notes, lists, calendar and papers that need my attention.  This is hopefully going to help me keep things organized for myself, the military group I organize and my family! 
 back of the binder (and for some reason upside down)
 Inside with all the chaos that I used to try to carry around in my head!
The Valentine's Day bags I made for the kids goodies. I hung them on their seats right before dinner.  The kids received Christmas gifts from their babysitter in this beautiful paper.  I couldn't stand throwing it away as it was hardly damaged when they unwrapped their presents.  So this is what became of some of it. 

After dinner and digging into their goodies

Since I had all of my hairclip stuff out I also made some for the girls (sorry the pic is sideways)

Shawn pulled out some shirts that he no longer wants and this one caught my eye.  Stay tuned in a few days to see what I did with it!

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